Kohler crankshaft size

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    Can you help me find out the crankshaft size of my Hustler Super Z?
    Model # 928044a
    Serial # 07080203
    It has a 30hp Kohler on it but that is all I know about the engine because the stickers are gone. I want to replace it with a Kawasaki engine so I need to know the specifics.
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    The model number of your Kohler used on that model is a CV750-0026. Attempting to switch engine models is not a plug and play system. You will need to order a new muffler and and new wiring harness to start with. The machine is 5 years old and I would re-think about switching engine manufacturers. Replacing the engine with the proper set-up is much easier. It may not be the engine of your choice but you wont be spending money you can't recover.

    Brian O

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