Kohler CV-20 lifter problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by B&A lawn care, Jun 7, 2008.

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    CV-20 lost power while mowing, dropped #1 cylinder. Ran it long enough to get it on the trailer about 2-3 minutes. Found that the intake rocker was loose and turned sideways. Lined everything back up and as I was tightening it down it shoved the valve open with about 3 turns to go. I had earlier checked the position of the the cam, and the valve should not be open, I figured that the lifter had pumped up when the rocker was loosening and would collapse back down but it doesn't. Tried running the engine for maybe 30 seconds and the valve is being held open by the lifter. Nothing bent or broken, checked push rod and its in the lifter properly. Whats going on ?
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    You might have to pull the lifter out. If the valve is opening, the lifter is not bleeding down. Pull the lifter out, put it on a bench, and with a pushrod try compressing it. If it won't go down, you need to pull the clip, take off the curved piece, and get the old oil out. Watch out for the spring. Put it back together, soak it in oil for 15 minutes, and try compressing it again. If it moves, put it back in and tighten down rocker to 20 in. lbs. Valve should be shut.

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