Kohler CV13 v.s. CV14

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by smack, May 11, 2004.

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    I have a 36" Toro wb belt drive with a 13hp and a 52" wb with a 14hp. Both are Kohlers. There is a significant difference in power between them. The 52" has a very noticeable drop in rpm when I go from varing lengths of grass, whereas the 36" doesn't hesitate for a moment. Does the extra blade add that much load? Even when I have the sulky on the 36" it is still stonger than the 52". The rpm's on the 52" do recover but they really drop first, almost like the speed governor or carb is not right. Any constructive ideas? By the way other than that the 52" with the 14hp runs perfect and uses no oil, runs clean as could be.
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    I would say the extra blade would cause some difference. 13HP divided by two blades is 6.5HP per blade. 14HP divided by 3 blades is 4.6HP per blade plus all the extra pulleys and belts. From a 13HP to a 14HP is power increase of 7.7% and a 36"cut to a 52" cut is a load increase of 44.5%.How much of a difference all of this may, who knows? You are comparing apples and oranges to some point here. To get a better idea take the 3rd blade off the 52" and do some test cutting.
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    Thank you for your suggestion Fixer. I will try the 52" without one of the blades to compare the difference. The two machines are nearly identical, except for the 2 v.s. 3 blades.

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