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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by pgalardi, Sep 26, 2007.

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    I bought a new Kohler CV14 motor, and I got it mounted in my SGAG 36" Hydro walk behind without any problems. Once I got it started, it idles really low, and it doesn't seam to rev high. If I put my throttle all the way on fast, as soon as I put either the blades on or the trans out of neutral the thing wants to die. I played around with the air screw, and different places to mount the throttle cable. I'm just not sure what is wrong. Maybe I have the throttle cable mounted in the wrong place. It certainly doesn't help that I don't have the manual.
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    Sounds like you could have a safety switch that's not working properly. Disconnect the unit kill wire from the engine and test run again.

    If it runs fine with this wire off then go back and check all the safety switches un-plugging one at a time and installing a jumper wire until it runs properly. Then replace the defective switch.

    As for the RPM, You need a tach to properly set one to factory specs which is 3750 no load.

    The adjustment procedure is as follows;


    Good Luck

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