Kohler CV15.. rod or valve noise?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mowisme, Jul 3, 2014.

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    I bought this mower untested with assumption (was told) rod going out. This morning I started it for first time.. I don't hear any distinctive knocking but a lot of valve noise. What would be the next step before I just pull it and put in a 14 kawi I have here? (The kawi was electric start and kohler isn't so I'd have to buy some parts)- Would the valve re-setting (lapping too) and changing oil to fresh Kohler 10w30 maybe quiet it down? I am not hearing a knock at all the best I can tell.. usually at idle or WOT you'd think you would but I'm hearing just a lot of valve noises I think. P.S. starts on first pull
  2. mowisme

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    I just realized It has hydrolic valves- guess no adjusting them correct? I'll have to pull cover and take a look. Maybe I can get by with new lifters and fresh 10w30 oil?
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    From what I see the rockers are non-adjustable, I'd pull the valve cover and make sure the rocker bolts didn't walk out. They should be torqued to 100 in.lbs., Also make sure either pushrod isn't bent/warped. Then change the oil first and give that a try, Even if you end up replacing the lifters the oil change will be already done......
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    Thanks.. I'll do as mentioned and see what that does.
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    No, there is nothing wrong with the engine but I can agree with the oil (and filter) change.

    The Kohler's self-adjusting hydraulic valves tend to tick when first started.

    What you do is grab yourself a big set of balls because you're going to need those to overcome nerves and fear.
    Then you start and run it despite all ticking noise, tell yourself the ticking is normal and that's why you're going to let it run.
    It should quiet down within 5-10 minutes, 15-20 at the most.
    That's what you do, after you change the oil and filter.
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