Kohler CV15S starter ??

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    John Deere LT 155 lawn tractor, 1998 built, excellent care and maintenance. Battery is new and cables are good.
    At times when starting the engine the starter does not spin the engine. It makes no difference if it is at operating temperature or cold. It may or may not start.

    I can keep clicking the ignition and it may finally spin the engine and start. I'm convinced the starter is bad, but I keep getting this bug that it might be the relay??

    Also where is the best price for a new starter!!


  2. MikeLT1Z28

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    i'm not sure if this is related to your other post or not...

    about the starter, make sure all the cables are clean and corrosion free. make sure the battery has the proper voltage (around 13.8v dc). also, check all of your safety switches (seat, pto, brake pedal, any other safety features). i'd be willing to bet it's a safety switch. if it is your starter, take it off and take it to a shop that rebuilds altenators and starters and get an estimate. i've had 3 starters rebuilt in the past 4 years for what it would cost to have bought one.

    let us know how it turns out.
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    Try using a screwdriver and jump the starter terminals. Simply place one end of the screwdriver on one terminal of the starter then touch the other terminal with it. That will eliminate all ignition switches and relays as a possible problem.

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