Kohler CV20S only idle and full speed

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by PM Baker, Oct 11, 2018.

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    I'm fixing a rider mower for my neighbor, a Kohler CV20S on a 2003 Craftsman DLT3000, and I bought an aftermarket carburetor on Ebay for it (it is the same part number and exactly like the original), and now it runs OK, but the throttle does not begin moving from idle speed till it the throttle is pushed to practically full speed. As you go from minimum throttle forward nothing happens till it practically at full speed. Is that normal?
    Also, I looked at the carb when it is at full speed and the carburetor butterfly is open only very slightly. Is that normal?

    I have the mower deck off for cleaning and also sharpening the blades, so I have not mowed with it.
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    Here is the service manual for that engine. The carb section starts on
    page 24. Just to be sure, you are referring to the throttle plate? With the engine off, I would check the throttle cable/linkage for full throw. At full throttle, the throttle plate should be almost fully open.
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    That's the ticket! Thank you very much.
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