Kohler CV23 Head Gasket?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mowermankevin, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Spec#PA75582 Last night I went to pull this mower out of the garage and when it started up, it filled the place with oil smoke,bad!! after running a few minutes it cleared up to just a trace of smoke. This engine is 3 years old, has 500 hours a year average, and gets the crap run put of it, when it quits, they bring it to me. I noticed it start doing this last year, my question is will a cylinder leakdown test and soap bubbles let me see external leakage? I'm going back in the postings, later cause it's getting busy here(finally) and what is the internal leak look like on the head or gasket? I'm probably just going to pull'em and put new gaskets on, but is this the classic typical Kohler Headgasket leak? Thanks in advance for the feedback,C'mon Grass!!!
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    could be but check the simple stuff first. is the oil level too high? has it been turned over? is the airfilter pluged up? now kohlers also have a reed valve and they are known for breaking and or not seating and this will cause the same problems you are speaking of. and yes a leakdown test will tell you what is wrong with that engine without a doubt.

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