Kohler cv25 blowing oil

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by krgrn, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. krgrn

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    Cranked the motor for the first time this season with no issues. Made about 15 minutes of cutting and motor cutoff. Tried to restart and would not even turn over. Tried to turn over by hand and could not. About an hour later went back and motor spun right over and cranked fine. Continued cutting and began smelling oil. Cutting deck was covered with oil. Pulled the motor and oil is blowing by PTO seal. Do not see any other issues but was wondering if a stuck ring could cause something like this to happen.
  2. Dave

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    from RI
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    it sounds like you are blowing compression into the base and that is what poped the seal,i would pull the heads and see whats goung on ,im sure you will find one heck of a score in one of the cylinders,I had a 25 hp kohler that would fill the aircleaner assy up with oil when it got hot,and a onan that shot oil 3'in the air when that got hot
  3. krgrn

    krgrn LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Dave. I pulled the motor today and found the cylinders to look good. I did find that the crankshaft was worn really bad which really stinks. this motor only has 180 hours and the oil level has been checked everytime I crank her up. Looks like I just got a bad one this time. Does anyone know of a good site to get parts for this motor? I have not found many CV25S listings when searching on YAHOO?
  4. Jman

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    This is going to sound crazy but, how many hours are on your electric clutch?? You said the engine has 180. I've seen a lot of electric clutches shorting to ground internally and then jumping spark from the crankshaft to the lower bearing in an engine and then failing the crank and oil pan. If you fix them and the clutch is bad you will have the exact same problem in a short amount of time again.
  5. krgrn

    krgrn LawnSite Member
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    The clutch and motor are original at 180 hours on each. I will check out the clutch to make sure it is not shorted. I pulled the crank and all this weekend and am trying to find a local shop for parts replacement as i have not found a listing on line for the motor yet. Even Kohler had no listing on the motor, they have the CH25 but not the CV25.
  6. Wangel

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    Let me know what he cheapest Kohler engine you find. I have a few sources for New Kohlers.
  7. Len

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    I have a kohler ch 25 that is on my stump grinder & right now it is blowing large amonts of oil up into the air cleaner & i'm not real sure witch way to go new motor or rebuild?
  8. krgrn

    krgrn LawnSite Member
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    I carried the crank and oil pan to a shop today to see if it could be turned and a sleeve put in. Per mechanic it looks like a simple repair so that's what I am doing. Hope to be up and running again by Tuesday.

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