Kohler CV740 problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Lawn Gone, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Ok here we go with the kohler questions again, I have a kohler pro 27 mod cv740 with 20hrs on it and just started having starting problems. Every time I try to start it I have to give it a full choke when the engine is cold and when it is hot after full day mowing before it will start. Now when it was brand new I did not have any problems starting,1/2 choke when it was cold and no choke at all when hot, but recently I performed my first oil/ filter change and immediatlaly noticed this starting problem? Would any of you pros out their know what this problem might be? Thanks guys!!
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    On something with only 20 hours on it, particularly one that you had no problem with initially, I'd check the operation of the choke cable. In other words, is the choke butterfly fully closed/open when it is supposed to be. Just an initial suspicion, particularly if it's running properly after the hard starts.
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    No that is not a problem lol, at least not in terms of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
    I admit that full choke when hot doesn't sound right but to have to give it full
    choke when it's cold is completely normal, and yes I could be wrong but in my
    book if the engine runs some kind of all right in any way / manner or fashion,
    I don't fix it.

    That having been said you might do a close visual inspection and just check that
    all the linkages and everything is in place, I would certainly check the oil level and
    maybe a few other small things because it is possible that some little thing come
    out of whack but again I wouldn't go tearing into much of anything.
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