Kohler CV940 Oil Leak

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by groundsmechanic, Jun 17, 2013.

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    I have an Exmark with a Kohler 34 hp CV940 engine purchased in June 2011. It has 328 hours on it. It leaks around the rear-most rocker cover. I replaced the gasket friday, came in today and there is oil all around the bottom of the cover again. There is no sign of oil coming from anywhere else. I removed the cover again, checked the gasket, checked the cover for damage/defects, nothing. My next move is to buy a rocker cover kit, and replace the gasket and cover and see what happens.

    Any ideas on why it is leaking? It is properly torqued using a torque wrench.

    We have 3 Exmarks with the same engine purchased at the same time. This winter I had to replace the rocker cover gaskets on the other two units. They are still good but I had to have the sump gasket replaced on one of them. Never had a problem with Exmark with the 34hp Kawasaki.
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    If you’re still having issues, we recommend you contact Kawasaki Customer Service. Their number is 877-608-6088.
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    Hey groundsmechanic,

    We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing some difficulties. We have an idea of what may have happened.

    Please send your engine's spec and serial numbers to us at enginefieldservice@kohler.com so we can look into this for you. Thanks.

  4. groundsmechanic

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    I don't think Kawasaki would be much help. I don't think they have the parts diagram for the Kohler engine. Lol

    Thank you. I will do this tomorrow.
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    Dang Kohler is on the ball, came right in here and said "we got your back". I guess my post with my old Kaw doesn't count, Kaw was prob like "meh that things old" lol. Great service Kohler. Hope they get you fixed up GM.
  6. groundsmechanic

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    I know this thread is old, but it is my post so I'm resurrecting it. Here it is almost 3 years after I made this thread and I am still having the same problem. Kohler admits there is a problem and gave me a way to "Fix" it. Well, the "Fix" isn't. Still leaking oil. Their fix of cutting down the cover locating pins doesn't work. RTV along with the gasket doesn't work. There was definitely an issue with the pins being too long, I'll give them that, but I am thinking the problem lies with the cover bolt. I think the shoulder is too long and there are not enough threads to properly tighten the cover. That plus the single bolt holding the cover on instead of 4, or at least 2.

    I talked with a rep from Kohler a year of two ago about the problem still existing and he said I might need to replace the heads. Why? Why would the heads be warped at 300 hours? And on 3 machines at the exact same time? All with different run time? I see Exmark does not sell these mowers with the Kohler 34hp anymore and only offers the Kawasaki. Which, BTW, has almost 2000 hours and I have never had a single oil leak.

    Another horrible issue is that these Kohler big block engines burn oil like crazy. Since day one. Every time you start them, big 'ole puff of smoke behind them. With 5 hours on them. We have to add about a quart of oil between oil changes. Kohler even updated their owners manuals and now recommends using 20w50 instead of 10w30 that the original manual said. This does not solve the problem.

    I would get rid of these machines in a minute if I could but we still have another couple years before we are allowed to replace them. Maybe I can talk the bosses into changing the motors to the Kawasaki. Would be less of a headache.
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    kawi's are just as bad. my kawi has used oil from when it was brand new. over 1000 hrs now. it breaks down every 300-400hrs too. it's always something. bent push rods, leaking oil, etc.
  8. groundsmechanic

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    We have 4 Kawasaki engines and aside from a camshaft recall on the 34hp, we have never had an issue with the motors. No burning of oil or oil leaks.
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    I know this may sound crazy, I worked on a ecv 980 once that the customer couldnt get the valve covers to quit leaking..........it was a oil cooler line that only Leaked when the enine was running. He just never tore the engine down far enough to fiND the real problem. The center bolt valve cover is a great design from what I have seen as long as the valve cover is rigid enough. The center bolt Chevy 350s would leak until you put a set of good valve covers on it with a steel reinforced rubber gasket
  10. Bluegillz

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    Looks like I got the same problem. I agree with the man who said to call Kawasaki. I knew better than trust a Kohler.

    The saga begins.

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