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    Kohler Co.’s Global Power Group, a global leader in engines and power generator systems, announced it will launch its first diesel engine line for the North America market. Kohler made the announcement at the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 22.

    The new KOHLER diesel air- and liquid-cooled engines will be available for order beginning February 1 from Kohler Engines dealers and distributors throughout North America. Kohler will launch a line of single- and multi-cylinder diesel engines from 7-67 horsepower (50kW and under). The new KOHLER diesel engines will be emission compliant, to the latest EPA and CARB emission requirements.

    “Kohler is very serious about competing in the non-highway engine market on a worldwide map and this diesel line complements our current gasoline engine offering,” said Paul Bartelt, President-Kohler Co.’s engine division.
    Kohler Co.’s engine division, in operation since the 1920s, manufactures air- and liquid-cooled, four-cycle gasoline engines in the 4 to 40 horsepower range. Kohler engines are supplied to equipment manufacturers worldwide in the lawn and garden, commercial and industrial, agricultural and construction markets.

    “Customers are seeking contemporary diesel technology at a competitive price point, that is backed by a far-reaching service network, which Kohler provides,” Bartelt said. “Our Kohler distribution and dealer network are poised to provide our new customers with industry-leading parts, service and sales support. We’re pleased to see the enthusiasm and expertise they will bring to this new diesel line.”

    The new KOHLER diesel engines will feature an extensive range of both air- and liquid-cooled units that offer advanced fuel efficiency and low sound levels, and a myriad of air intake and oil-filtration system options, said Rich Koehl, Director-Marketing and Quality for the company’s engine division. “The KOHLER diesels will be supported by a solid application engineering team as well, ready to work with OEMs in a responsive and creative manner.”
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    I wish Kohler well with the big gassers and the diesel. It usually takes a few years for me to build up my trust in a new product though.
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    I agree 100%, this for those LCO's who say with the high price of diesel fuel, the diesel engine is on the way out or too expensive. Thats so far from the truth the thermal efficiency/fuel savings of a diesel engine is far superior to any gasoline engine. The engine manufacture's engineer's know this, and Kohler would not be investing in a diesel engine line for the hell of it. Like I have said the nay sayers will be the first to jump on the band-wagon. just like the 1/2 ton diesel engine options that will be offered in 2009 by the automotive industry.
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    99% of my customers won't even give the slightest thought to using a diesel ZTR, and those that do won't pay more for one. We've sold 1 diesel walker and nothing else with a diesel (besides ventracs which are a different ball game entirely) in the last 5 years.

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    There diesel has been around awhile I have them on my bladerunners under the lamborgini name!
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    That seems to be the case with diesel ZTR's, and the Walker MD diesel. I was going to purchase a diesel walker, but the dealer talked me out of the diesel for our first Walker, I only agree'd; because I trust the dealer, and I intend on a second Walker purchase here soon, the diesel's do sell here in Memphis the local dealer moves 5 diesels a year still low numbers but their better suited for high ambient operating temperatures while running the larger GHS & SD decks for extended periods, thats from the dealer. Our dealer also does not recommend the 26EFI, either the MT23 or the diesel, but of course will sell you what you want in the end. The lombardia/Kohler air cooled diesel engine is being used in Artic Cat's Diesel option atv's currently with great success. The air cooled diesel will be a economical option to a gasoline air cooled V-twin . Only time will tell
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    It is a Lambordini not lamborgini...........Lynn
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    yeah thats how you spell the name
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    We just picked up our diesel ZTR John Deere mower 6' front mount this week. According to the manual it will run all day on one tank of diesel. Our gas John Deere will not do that. So we are excited to see how well it does on the amount of diesel per hour we put on it. My work has a John Deere 6' front mount non ZTR John Deere mower that will not run all day on one full tank of diesel. So time will tell. But my husband love diesels and can not wait to replace the smaller gas one with another diesel when we can.
  10. nosparkplugs

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    Glad to hear that; Most diesel owns swear buy the power & fuel economy regardless of what it's powering. :clapping: you are one of the few supports on this site

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