Kohler ecv940 blowing up due to exmark design flaw

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by agent walker, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I have two 35hp efi 2015 one with 828hrs and one with 841hrs. One shucked the cam two days ago and the other did head gasket and cracked block. They say the fins were plugged and overheated the motor. I clean blow the motors out daily. Have the cover off 40 hours ago and there was hardly anything under them. Needless to say Kohler is not standing behind them. So I'm looking at spending $8,500. Not happy.
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    I represent myself in court alot and help my friends when I can....... one thing you should have definitely done is take a picture of the engines before taking them to the dealer..... from my experience Kohler and just about any other manufacturer will try to wiggle their way out of a warranty claim..... what I would do if I were you is send a certified letter to your dealer of your intent to sue for damages.... the sheer fact that kohker said "well there was a oil leak and even though its under warranty, it's your fault" that's complete BS! The oil leak itself exasperated your overheating issue which caused the failure. In the letter from the attorney which will run you $150 or so should make claims to the magnusson moss warranty act and also unfair trade practices act where you can legally sue for 3x the damages.... usually this will fix their tune and instead of spending $20-30k in court, they'll just send you two new engines and tell you not to do it again....
    Good luck! Feel free to email me on the progress this case justin@tmalman.com
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    I used to run Toro Groundsmasters with 20, 22 and 27 HP, all liquid cooled and plenty of power to run a 72" deck.

    It's crazy that guys think they need this much HP to run a Z. Especially air-cooled. Not like an air-cooled engine is going to last forever in these conditions. And yes, I know some are running mulching kits, still don't need that much HP.
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    If anyone is interested I’ve got a direct number to Kohler Power, this was the guy that sent me a ecv940 big block last September when mine went at 1880 hours.
    My other command pro, carbureted, I blew up at 800 hours, paid full price for that one :dizzy: Would’ve been nice if that dealer mentioned I could have the engine warrantied like my 940
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    Well, you could probably get by with an 18 horsepower engine on a 60-in mower too, if you don't mind working slower. I used to run 25 horsepower command pros on everything too but I'll take this 34 (really 32ish hp but 999cc) horsepower efi I currently have over one of those any day of the week. Extra power comes in handy in certain situations, plus engines last longer if they're not struggling all the time..... The efi version of this engine uses about the same gas as the old carbureted 25 horsepower command pros did so I'm not really giving up much on efficiency either. The EFI command Pros were definitely a little easier on the wallet though.

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    I just had a lot of very load ticking from what sounded like the lower engine,is this what you experienced or did it go boom? Love that phone number. I am seeing $3k prices for that engine,did you get a better price from them?
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    Ya much better price

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    could you share that telephone number,thanks
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