Kohler EFI service in Central Florida?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Keith

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    Who is the EFI guru within 75 miles of Orlando? I went through a living hell with this Exmark two years ago. Some of you may remember that. Anyway nearly the same problem is back. It started stumbling a few weeks ago. I blamed it on the o2 Sensor that had a minor cut in it's lead. Finally a week ago it was dead. I took the o2 out and it looked like it had felt growing on it. Same with the spark plugs. I got a new o2 sensor and plugs and it ran pretty good for 20 minutes of so. Now it is back to the intermittent stumbling and loading up. It goes for about 30 seconds or so then loads up. Apparently the o2 sensor was not the problem, it was merely a result of whatever else is going on.
  2. Brianj

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    might be your ground
  3. palm boy

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    look up Commercial Lawn Equipment in Lakeland. They are a major Exmark and Hustler dealer. Ask for Clint. Chances are good he can help.
  4. iluvscag

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    We need more people like you on LS, guys like you that know your ****. :waving:
  5. Precision

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    the guy at rockledge mower does a lot of exmark business. I personally don't shop there but a friend does and loves the service there.

    But if it is out of warranty can't you take it anywhere. My shop Bucks in Titusville always treats me right. 321 267 4170 If you call them, ask for Jeff and tell him John from Precision Lawncare sent you.
  6. Keith

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    Commercial in Kissimmee worked on it before. There was a guy there named Danny, I need to call and see if he is still there and remembers the mower and the problem. He got it fixed the second go around. Just with the cost of fuel and having to drive round trip 100 miles, and since the fix will be coming out of my pocket this time, I need to know it's fixed. I don't think Exmark ever gave me the whole story about what was found. I know they replaced and oil temp sensor, but there was also a chafed wire or something somewhere in the harness.
  7. Cobra Jock

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    Lots of luck finding a EFI guru. Might be your ground, your injectors, your fuel pump, your computer, intermittent coil, bad camshaft, etc. I listed those things as an example of why it can be very frustrating :angry: to own an EFI. As much as I like the smooth, quiet running EFI engine, my next mower is definitely going to have a carb hanging on the side of it!

  8. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
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    Greg, I don't think I'll be doing an EFI again anytime soon :cry: The mower is still shy of 700 hours. I have paid nearly $7700 so far in payments. It left me stranded, kinda forcing me to buy another new ZTR when the Exmark was just 5 months old and basically I have never felt comfortable with it. Do the math, the 20-25% fuel savings vs. my carbed Super Z will never pay off. Anytime I hear anything strange out of it, or a hint of half-burnt fuel, I get the sinking feeling the EFI demons are about to show up again.
  9. ProMo

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  10. Cobra Jock

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    That's exactly the same way I feel. I hear things and I think the EFI is about to act up again. They are a money sucking pos imo. The problem is that most dealers don't pay their mechanics anywhere near a living wage and there is no incentive for a young guy to become a mechanic on lawnmowers today.


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