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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jun 22, 2006.

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    Seems like most of the major dealers in this area try to steer you away from the 28 hp efi. I thought they had all the issues with this motor fixed but at least two large dealers (different brands) have advised against it. Is it they are still having problems, don't know how to work on them, or some other issue? I have heard mostly positive reports on the newer efi's.
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    I have a 26efi with 550 hrs. and a new 28efi with now 90 hrs. I love them and I've never had a problem.

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    Everybody I talked to said they were great but they all said the carburated ones had some advantages. you are using a computer system in a rough enviroment and electronics fail in these conditions.

    I think if Kohler factory support is good and they have all the parts ready to fix them on hand when they break with little down time under warranty they are by far the way to go, I like to be able top fix things my self and I looked into how much it would cost to get the equipment to fix it myself and it was thousands of $'s to do so.

    If you trade them in every 2 years so you do not have to deal with paying 60$ a hour when the warranty runs out when the system goes down and factor in the fuel savings at 3$ a gallon I think even with a crew that is out generating money 5 or 6 days a week they are still the way to go.

    The fuel savings alone is going to more than pay for the system. I based my decision not to buy one on the fact that I am a pack rat and will probably be buried with mine when I die so I want to be able to fix it myself then and there on the spot.

    Honestly I probably am making a mistake and the EFI because of fuel savings is the way the go.

    With a very good possibility of a Mad Max type scenario around the corner for all of us as we deplete the worlds black gold reserves the EFI Z TURN's will rule the desert wastelands! That is of course if they get the turbo , N.O.S upgrades.:weightlifter:
  4. Richard Martin

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    The only problem with Kohler EFI is a general lack of knowledge about how EFI works and mechanics being too afraid to work on the system. I am not an expert on EFI by any means but even with my limited knowledge of how EFI works I can still fix all of my EFI vehicles and I feel confident that should a problem arise with my Kohler EFI (which is made by Bosch) I will be able to diagnose and fix the problem. Most EFI systems can almost pinpoint a problem through on-board diagnostics and Kohler's EFI is no different. It comes with an excellent manual and the instructions on how to run the onboard diagnostics routines.

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    I totally agree ,I fix my diesel fuel injected truck and can figure it out but I do not like the idea of a computer on a Z turn under those brutal conditions. it seems to me it could add up to 400$ a pop real quick.

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