Kohler engine in Cub Cadent won't start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Colton, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    I have a Kohler engine in my Cub Cadet Model LT1042 and it won't start at all. I went out to start it this morning and it wouldn't turn over. I lifted the hood up and saw the fan trying to spin, but it would go around once and then get to a spot where it seems like it hung up/hit a spot with a lot of friction and wouldn't spin until I twisted it past that spot with my hand. It has a new battery and has a full tank of gas in it. I tried starting it for about 20 min but to no avail. Any ideas as to what would be wrong with it? Thanks
  2. dtc0207

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    Check voltage at starter, there should be a blue wire coming from key switch check voltage on that wire to while trying to start engine
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  3. ratfink

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    Make sure the starter has a clean ground. Most Kohlers are case grounded on the starter, if material or corrosion gets between the starter and the block you can end up with a situation where the starter just doesn't turn as well as it should.

    If that checks out fine I would pull the valve cover off and turn over the engine by hand to make sure the compression release is engaging properly.
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    This could be a ground/cable/starter problem as has been proposed. I have found on several occasions where the engine is having problems getting over TDC is that the cylinder is partially liquid locked. Pull the plug and isolate the plug wire so that it cannot spark to anything, then turn the engine over with the starter. If you happen to get gas spewing out of the plug hole, you may have a needle/seat in the carb that is not funtioning properly.

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