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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by oakes57, May 9, 2007.

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    I have a Kohler Engine on my Grasshopper and haven't had any problems other then a seal. I am looking at getting a Huslter Super Z. Both dealers that do the most volume in my area don't even carry the Kohler's. They won't even sell them. One guy said when he used to carry JD he saw too many come back with the rod sticking out the side.

    I have found a nice 2004 Super Z 60" with the 27hp Kohler and 90 hours for $5800 which is a good savings over new.

    I am now just scared of the Kohler since both dealers won't even sell them. Is there really a problem, are the Kawasaki and Honda's really that much better?
  2. nmurph

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    why don't you post this in the mechanics forum? there are several very knowledgeable people that can give you some opinions. personally, i have never heard of any problem with that particular engine. overall, kohler has an excellent reputation. like every manufacturer they have had some problems. however, they seem to be willing to correct them. you will hear detractors for anything that you post on here. someone will bash every product. there is always that person that got a lemon and they are sure that it is a company-wide issue. there are some companies that seem to have more than their share of complaints, specifically briggs and stratton's non vanguard and els lines and most anything made by tecumseh. then again, you will hear people that have these engines and swear by them!!
    i think the Hustler you find sounds like a great deal and i would be all over it. that motor is not even broken in yet and you are getting it for close to 40% off of MSRP.

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