Kohler Engines cv162 wont crank?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by akadrakkar, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Restrorob

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    If power is present but it's not clicking it may just be gummed up and need cleaning with carb. & choke spray cleaner.
  2. akadrakkar

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    ok i have tested the from the red wire to the ground (block) and got nothing , tested from the red wire to the green and got 9. something, lol it was a few days ago, but i did not get to try to crank it with the jumper wire form the solenoid to the battery, but i did get to run the jumper wire to the solenoid to the battery and the solenoid made no noise, i will try to jump the wire from the battery and try crank it. i have the butterfly and bowl off and sprayed it down with carb cleaner. thanks for the help,
    ps; could this be a wireing harness prob?
  3. Restrorob

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    If you have 9+ volts between the red and green wires at the solenoid plug I would say no it is not a electrical problem, It's a faulty solenoid if it doesn't click or you can't see the plunger retract while holding it in your hand.

    Now, You could snip the end of the plunger off with wire cutters and reinstall it to see if it will run until you can get a new one. The most the engine would do is possibly back fire on shut-down.
  4. Jim@MilkyWay

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    You know what guys,
    the fuel cut-off on my 14H Kaw went south last year (would not click and motor would not start) and I did not want to purchase new one. I "flashed" mine across a car batt to see if it would do anything cool, like explode in my hand. Well it popped loud enough to make me think, "well, that one is toast now".
    Hooked it back up to carb and electrical anyway just to see if anything cool happened.
    Like I said, that was last year and it has been working fine ever since.
    Why it sounded like a dead short across my batt when I flashed it I do not know, but you might try it; it worked for me.

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