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Kohler Engines


LawnSite Member
Do Kohler Engines normally have noisy lifters or is it just me? I have had my Toro 52 ZTR in the shop 3 times for them to find a problem and they say they cant't find anything.


LawnSite Senior Member
southern ohio
Most of the Kohlors I have owned have had noisy lifters. The dealer in my area says it's just the way Kohlor's sound. I have noticed that I don't hear the lifters after using 100% synthetic oil.

lawn and stump

LawnSite Member
madison ct
my 20 hp commands on scags also go through<br>mufflers- they crack by the inlets and the<br>baffles rattle loose I go thru about 1 per mower ea year. THe lifters also make nose sometimes. next motors will be kawi's phil<br>


LawnSite Senior Member
I use 15w40 Mobil1 and it runs great. Once i added some prolong and that relly helped quiet the motor down too. <br>My dealer recommonded that grade and brand of oil for the kohlers and even the kawasakis. synthetic oil is worth the extra money. It queits and cools the engine better in my opinion.