Kohler KT735 No Pulse For Pump?


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I have a Kohler KT735-3077, 26 hp engine that has just about 100 hours on it. A mouse chewed through one of the plug wires and while waiting for the replacement ignition module, I decided to do some maintenance. The "maintenance" kit included a new pulsp fuel pump which I put on and (unwisely) threw the original one away. I also changed the oil, filter, and plugs. Now 2 pumps later I still do not have fuel coming out of the fuel pump but neither can I detect "pulsing" from the crankcase rubber hose while cranking. The trash has come and gone so I do not have the original fuel pump from when it was running.

I took the ZT to the local shop and they are telling me 3 weeks just to look at it and I have to believe this should be something simple. Any thoughts on how to "test" that there is pulse pressure from the engine?

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You had mice in the engine, did you replace the ruber pulse line for the pump? Hold a tissue over the end and crank it over and see if it will move the tissue. The pulse out of motor is not much of a signal for lack of better term. Check fuel flow through the tank to motor and maybe add a temporary gravity fuel tank and bypass fuel pump.

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