Kohler Magnum 18 won't start....

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Just Turned Pro, Jun 22, 2002.

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    Kohler Magnum 18 won’t start….

    Forgive me if this is simple… but I’m not much of a mechanic

    I have an older (mid 90’s) Kohler 18 Magnum, spec #24521 that started and ran ok until this evening. The motor has an electric ignition.

    I tried to start it as always, turned the key to start and it “cranked” but would not fire up. Not uncommon. It eventually turned over a few times then died. That is not uncommon since this has always been a hard starter. I turned the key to start again and nothing? I double checked the “safety switch” and turned the key again… nothing.

    I checked the battery and it was fine. I was able to manually rotate the motor so I know it is not “frozen”.

    I started to poke around. The ignition/ key switch seems fine. I think the solenoid is ok, when I turn the key to start, I hear a click in the solenoid but I’m not sure if that is what I am supposed to hear.

    From there I am lost. What is the trouble-shooting sequence? If I get to the actual starter and everything else works fine, how do I test the starter? I just want to be sure because the starter is a bit pricey.
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    well first you need to load test the battery. it might show 12v and have enough amps to actuate the solenoid, but maybe not enough to turn the starter. that starter probably draws about 150a. if this checks out ok the nextthing i would check is the ground. if you have a pair of good jumper cables just take the ground side or the hot and hook one to the ground on the battery and hook the other one straight to the starter. make sure it is a good connection and try it. to check the solenoid put a test light on the big connection that goes to the battery and it should show 12v. now turn the key to crank, when you hear the click, and put your light on the other big connection that goes to the starter and it should show 12v. to check the starter hook up the jumper cables to a good battery, hook the ground to the starter, then touch the hot to the starter terminal. key on or off doesn't matter. you are bypassing everything. hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your suggestion.... it turned out to be the solenoid. Go figure, a $15 dollar part.

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