Kohler Oil-Filter replacement for $2.48

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, May 8, 2005.

  1. topsites

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    As a part of running a business, cutting costs should be an important factor since, after all, we are spending our customer's money.
    On a Kohler engine, all the 13, 14, 15, 16 (and I believe 18) hp models take basically one of two filters. Really the only difference is one is short, the other is long, and the long one is like 25-050-2 or something but BOTH cost 10 dollars, each. You can get a MaxPower aftermarket for 9 dollars, but that crap is just too much to pay.
    After some dilligent research, I found Advance Auto Parts Oil Filter AA-3614 fits the Kohler engine just dandy, and costs $2.48, each.

    Now I did get some smart clerk who said that this would not work because the thread and diameter were likely different and one should NEVER put an automotive oil filter on a lawnmower ! My answer to this is the thread is the same and the diameter is very close (and it need not be a perfect match since it's a rubber seal) and the ONLY thing of concern to me is the microns but I run AA Oil-filters on my BMW, and if they're good enough for that, then they're good enough for my mower.

    Keep in mind, I do run synthetic blend as well so microns are not a real concern to me because the quality of the oil is so superior that my engines would likely run dandy without the stupid filter.

    But at $2.48 each (among many other similar discounts for parts and stuff), I can afford the higher cost of fuel without raising my prices and I can tell you the competition is hurting because I have 50 grass customers and I work by myself.

    Peace out.
  2. Richard Martin

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    I just use Purolator Pure 1 filter number PL-10241. It is a very high quality filter and runs about 5 bucks. They are available everywhere. There have been quite a few threads about oil filters in the past and a search will turn them up.
  3. turfmann

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    I found a fram filter that crossmatched to the kohler filter I was using. When a mechanic buddy of mine saw the filter he chastised me and explained that the inner workings of the filter were not stable under the heat developed by an air cooled engine. Fair enough. The engine "failed" later that year and I asked him to rebuild it. He couldn't find anything wrong with it, other than oil was escaping into the combustion chamber somehow and was fouling the plugs. He could find no wear at all anywhere in the engine. He put new rings in it, closed it up, we reinstalled it and its still runs today. Maybe this auto/lawnmower filter thing is an urban myth.
  4. Richard Martin

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    If the oil will work then the filter that is designed for the oil will work too. If the oil is getting so hot that the filter will fail or not function properly then you have major other problems.
  5. MMLawn

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    I use OEM filters 90% of the time on my mowers, when I don't I use either WIX or NAPA Gold. However I will say that the Advance Auto (AA) filters are very good filters. They are made for Advance by Purolator and are the Purolator Pure Filter (NOT the Pure 1 though). I also noticed when I changed to oil lats week on the mowers that the OEM filter was different this time. In the past it has always had 8 holes around the ring and this time it has 10 instead ;)

    Also Fram filters are pure junk! The Fram filter itself (not because it was an auto filter) may be why you had a problem. I lost an engine on a truck that was bought brand new and only had 70,000 miles that had always had Fram filter and my mech said that filter failed and caused oil issues. I later read detailed reports on Fram filters on Oildrop and they all trash all Fram filters. I will never, ever use another one. I also now use Purolator Pure 1 filters on vehicles.
  6. EC-Rider

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    …The oil companies will! LOL! payup

    It’s not the filter or the microns that’s important, but how clean the motor oil is to begin with that really matters.
    In reality, the filter only works a small percentage of the time while the engine is running and the oil is being bypassed in large quantities.

    This is why it’s imperative that the oil be fresh and clean at all times.

    You can prove this by simply filling a filter full of oil, let it sit a while and then come back and turn it upside down, not a whole comes out, therefore it must be bypassed to protect the engine. :angel:
    Moreover, many small engines do not even have one, It’s just no worth the extra expense.

    Always change the filter when you change the oil though, the key is that ALL the oil be FRESH and CLEAN. :cry:

    Hope that helps!

    It’s all good! Enjoy! Peace! :angel:


    EC-Rider :waving::
  7. topsites

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    I agree.
    Like I said: Run Synthetic (or blend). I change my oil once/year and the only time I ever blew an engine is when I was running regular/standard oil. With the synth, I check the oil once every 2-3 days, sometimes once every week or 2. You can run very low on oil with synth and not seize the engine, man I love that stuff.

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