Kohler pro 27 starting problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Lawn Gone, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Lawn Gone

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    Ok here we go with the kohler questions again, I have a kohler pro 27 mod cv740 with 20hrs on it and just started having starting problems. Every time I try to start it I have to give it a full choke when the engine is cold and when it is hot after full day mowing before it will start. Now when it was brand new I did not have any problems starting,1/2 choke when it was cold and no choke at all when hot, but recently I performed my first oil/ filter change and immediatlaly noticed this starting problem? Would any of you pros out their know what this problem might be? Thanks guys!!
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  2. justanotherlawnguy

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    problem is that its a kohler. mine is 3 years old and starting it has always been a PITA..
  3. dhardin53

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    If it just started after a oil change you might check to see what type of oil was in it before.You may have a heavier weight oil causing a slight drag when cold cranking. But it should not make that much difference.

    I have problems staring my Kohler if the spark plugs are over 100 hours. But if choking it will start it, don't complain at least it starts. I choke mine to start all the time. But it has 3000 hours on it.

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    My 27hp kohler has always had a little trouble cranking. I guess to me it's no big deal as long as it runs good while cutting...
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  5. bohiaa

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    same here..................
  6. Lawn Gone

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  7. Lawn Gone

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    Hey! Thanks everyone for the response, yeah it runs good when it's cutting, was just woried if this could be an indication to leading problems. This is my first commercial unit and have always used the hardwear store riding tractors so when u invest this much money in a unit like this and start noticing changes guess one would get a little concerned. Well I have two years to see if this engine will make it or not under warranty. A couple things I was wondering is, would it be too early to start changing sparkplugs or air filters with only 20hrs on it? Oh by the way, I used 10w30 on the oil change. Anyone know what weight is in their when kohler ships them out new?
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  8. piston slapper

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    Try running a mid or premium grade of gas in it...87 octane fuel causes 90% of carb issues.
    All Kohler Command engines use 10W30 oil...5W30 if its freezing.

    With only 20 hours on the engine, it shouldnt need to be choked when its warmed up. If a better grade of fuel or an additive doesnt fix it,get it checked out while its still under warranty.
  9. Lawn Gone

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    I have been runing premium in their from day one and it's always fresh. The station I use says it's always ethanol free! I guess I will try some fuel additive. What brand would you recommend? I would like to take it in but have talked to the dealer in person and he said not to worry about it and it would not be a waranty fix since the engine is operational once started! BS I think!! So that's why I started this thread to see what everyone else thought abt this problem. Thanks everyone!!
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