Kohler question

Jason Rose

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As mentioned before, is the ticking really a problem that can lead to a engine failure of some type? I have been told by my dealer to just ignore it because they all do it, and people here are saying to just ignore it. BUT... if it is not an issue, then why has Kohler made a fix for it? seems like if it truely is something to ignore Kohler would too... I have 2 23 hp Kohlers and my parent's have a 22 on a Dixion I sold to them, all have the ticking problem from time to time. What I have found that triggers it most of the time is if I start the engine and then shut it down a couple times in a short period of time, like moving the mower on and off the trailer for service or something. Then again, sometimes they will start ticking in the middle of mowing a lawn.

I, too, am interested in seeing just how involved this fix is because if this ticking could eventually hurt the engine I would rather fix it than replace an engine in the future.

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
We had to drop the muffler down and remove the carb to access the cover plate. Mine was covered under warranty despite the fact that the engine was over 2 years old (I can be very persuasive).

Planet Landscaping

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Oxford ct.
Mine heats then ticks and seems running to hot?


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Hydraulic lifters belong in mom and pops grocery getter, not a piece of commercial equipment. That's the exact reason I won't buy anything with a Kohler engine on it, I'm quite capable of adjusting lifter every now and then.I HATE ticking noises!