Kohler says more then 1 acre a week is abuse on their engine!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by llee3, Jun 6, 2011.

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    I Just wanted to suggest looking around. Some guy who has never worked in a shop, never had any sort of training other then a small engine mechanics class in high school taught by a teacher that had never had any formal training just does not cut it. You will find some really good backyard shops but you will also find some really bad ones that can cost you more in the long run. But you also have dealerships that should not be touching equipment...
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    I never did like our Exmarks with the Kohler engines. We have a 2000 Lazer Z that is on its 3rd engine. They all burn oil like crazy.

    The one Exmark we have at the shop I am located in has s 34hp Kawasaki. I like that engine a lot. But, now Kawasaki has a recall on a lot of their engines for cam issues and Exmark is not offering the Kawasaki anymore until the problem is fixed. We have to get Kohler and we just ordered 3 new mowers.

    Rant Over.
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    If llee3 had spent half as much time on this site as he did on the phone,
    He probably would have located the problem FREE OF CHARGE.....In alot less time.
    Money is tight everywhere...The quality of info you get over the phone is rapidly degrading. Face it, a dealership doesnt make a dime by giving out answers over the phone. There are morons and idiots manning the phones in alot of businesses, You'll probably even find some on this site if you look hard enough. This is not exclusive to the lawn business. Your best bet is to educate yourself and watch your wallet.
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    I definitely agree with piston slapper.
    would of spent time on here.
    I have never gotten much luck calling a company whats wrong with my machine.
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    all these replys...& no suggestions on how to get this motor running? come on guys! Clicking...hmmm I know the motors not locked up but did you try jumping the battery straight to the starter? Is the starter worn out? my starter is shot & just clicks, has a good solenoid but if you tap on the starter with a steel bar or hammer while bumping the starter switch it will kick over. Yea i'm replacing it this week. But my point is look for the most simple fix first. Don't go rebuild the engine to find out it's a old starter later or something simple like that.
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    The clutch bearings came apart and locked up the engine.

    Replace Clutch....Go Back To Work
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    While I was at the shop I noticed that there was only 1 Exmark with a Kohler. The other dozen plus all had Kawasaki's on them. I didnt see a Kohler on any of the SKaggs or Toro's either. Close to 40 or more mowers and 1 kohler.
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    OEM" s are cutting corners like everybody else, Kohler engines are the most expensive to produce and therefore more expensive to buy.....Even when you're buying 1000-5000 at a time.
    Kawasaki and Briggs offer the same warranties at a lower price. Reduce your unit cost and increase the profits. NEXT STOP......CHINA.
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    Defenatly cost cutting. The 34hp Kawasaki 72" Exmark is/was $400 cheaper than the 34hp Kohler 72".

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