Kohler starter problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fixer67, Jul 13, 2005.

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    Your Delco starter is still good. This is the problem we had when we replaced Denso starters on eXmark with Delco. You need to switch some wires around to get it to work right. This happens because eXmark uses a solenoid infront of the starter solenoid. If the solenoid engagement lead on the Delco (permanent magnet) starter is connected with a short lead to the starter battery cable (like it was on the Denso) you will have problems. The voltage generated from the starter motor when you let off the key temporarily energizes the solenoid and keeps it engaged for a short time. Kohler puts an instruction sheet in the new starter boxes to show you how to rewire it. You can get it off www.kohlerplus.com . Look in "Product Catalog" then "Installation Instructions". Put TT-5038 in the search and it will come up as a pdf.
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    Great, I knew I saved it for a reason. lol... I tried the link but couldnt find that file? Where is installation instructions under product catalog? I am only logged in as guest does that make a difference?
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    Maybe this will help you out !
    Happy Wiring :)
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    When I went back to work today I asked about the Kohler mess. Well the Walker has not came back YET, I am thankful for that. And nothing has been heard back from the Kohler factory techs that were going to look into this. Surprise, surprise. I am betting I will never hear back from any one. I am just hopping I have heard the last of this starter messing up. But the last time it was grinding all I done was loosened the bolts and them re tighten them. Did not even take it off and that made it work right. Now if it is that easy to stop it from grinding how easy is it to make it grind. As soon as the teeth ware a new patten it will start to grind again, I just know it. I will kept this updated as needed.
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    In response to fixer67's comment about Kohler 'not knowing about this problem' I'm telling them right now that they screwed the pooch on this one. I replaced my starter last yr. because of this problem, and now the brand-new startor has the same problem. I know this isn't a 'bogus claim" because when i replaced it the first time..it fired right up.
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    This thread is almost a year old. Just thought you should know.
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    The three solenoid mounting screws can break off from the operation of the solenoid. The solenoid slams back into the "wire-mounting (back of the solenoid)" area and I have seen this break off the B+ mounting stud and the plastic part back there, too.

    As for the necessity of the pinion turning when it enters the flywheel, have you ever tried starting an engine with a starter that has a bad solenoid. By bad solenoid, I mean that there is not continuity between the two large posts on the solenoid. The solenoid will pull-in, but most of the time the pinion won't mesh into the flywheel.

    An yes, every flywheel I have seen (used with the delco-remy starters) does wear the teeth along the bottom, but I have never seen one that would cause the pinion not to engage properly.
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    For Uniscapers information, the fact of the matter is that Kawasaki Shift-type starters are manufactured by Denso Manufacturing, same as Kohler. Please tell me the name of the dealer that you are dealing with that denies your warranty claims. Lets please discuss some facts here. I'm seeing some negative opinions and I would love to clear up any concerns you may have.

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