Kohler starter solenoid

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by OEY3, Apr 3, 2008.

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    I'm new to this site,and this is my first post. Hope I do it right.

    I have a Kohler command pro model ch22s-66551. Starter solenoid is part #52-435-02-s.

    The rubber cap that prevents debris from entering solenoid around plunger is worn just to the point that it doesn't remain fixed in the plunger stem groove.

    Can I get a new cap rather than purchasing an entire new solenoid?
    The savings would be substantial.

    Can the solenoid be cleaned with electric cleaner to free up it's slight sticking? Or is the loose cap causing the sticking?

    It seems that a bad solenoid somewhere would have a rubber cap that would work (if I could find one) unless worn cap is the only reason solenoids go bad.

    Seems a shame to have to spend over $100.00for a new solenoid when I may only need a $0.75 piece of rubber.

    Maybe a suggestion on how to keep the cap I have from slipping off ...maybe an E-ring.

    It isn't that old . Electrical system was replaced after entire engine was submerged in Katrina's storm surge here in Pass Christian, MS. Amazingly this is the only problem I have had with this Engine since the hurricane.

    Have had to be even more resourceful than before the storm. So any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Do u have the nippon denso str or the delco str mtr ??
    [sounds like u have the nippon denso str mtr}

    The nippon str mtrs are a good unit except 4 the solenoid

    The main contacts burn out quickly causing problems . This is further enhanced by the only cleaning process u can do, is flush it out down the side of the plunger with a can of brake clean etc . This eventually washes dirt all over the main contacts :hammerhead:

    If u persist with the str a small engine shop may have a second hand unit 4 sale or even a worn out unit for bits .

    Check with kohler but the delco unit should fit and are only 110-- 150 usd new

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    I trimmed the neoprene cap so that a flat neoprene washer would be accepted in the grove holding the cap in place below the washer. Seems that solenoid will be debris free!!

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