Kohler starting problems

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    I have a Kohler Command 16 hp in a 1999 Scotts 1642. For the past year I,ve had to start it by jumping the solenoid with a screwdriver.This spring I decided to fix it and thus far put a new battery and solenoid on it but I still can't get power to the starter unless I jump the solenoid.I've tested the key switch with a multi meter when I turn it to start, and its good.I've unhooked the safety switches with no success.The fuse is good as well. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I had the same problem with my kohler 20...the solution that fixed my problem... i ran a wire straight from the switch to the starter, thus bypassing all connections and safety switches that are inline between the two....i fixed my 20 and a fellow cutters 20 as well. hope this helps
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    remember, most units have a ground to run saftey system, thats why there are 2 small posts on the solonoid,1 for hot, 1 for ground. i bet you have a problem with the chassis saftey switches or perhaps a bad connection.
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    Remember, each connection at a safety switch should have no more than .4 volt drop at each connection. This means each safety switch could have .8 volt drop having 2 connections per switch. So if you have 3 safety switches in the starter circuit under good conditions you could have 2.4 volts drop. Try to find what kind of voltage you have at the solenoid connection at the starter when you try to start the engine and tace back to see where you may have a voltage loss by measuring each connection at respective safety switches in route back to the ing. switch. Good Luck!

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