Kohler TH 16 Triad engine

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SteveLM, Apr 23, 2008.

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    I have purchased a used Walker that has the KohlerTH 16 Triad motor. It has a total time of less than 400 hours. I am aware of the issues with the cylinder sleeves dropping out and destroying the entire motor. This engine is running very strong and has no current issues. My question- has anyone ever tried (or heard of) pinning the sleeves into the block on this engine? A machinist friend told me this procedure is very common on older and antique engines. I would hate to tear into this to find out the this procedure would be impossible. Any thoughts?
  2. rjxj

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    Try to find a junker block at a lawn place and have him check it out.
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    I can't say 100% on pinning the sleeves but not sure why you couldn't. Depending on the build date of the engine, Kohler put screws just below the bottom of the sleeves to keep them from moving. This worked pretty well but ever once in a while the screws could shear and the sleeve would drop. More worked than didn't work but it wasn't a great design. If worse comes to worst there is retro fit to a Kohler CH18 available. Just hope you considered the cost of a new engine when you made your offer on this unit and offered accordingly.

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