kohler/walker ecu pt code

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by safaristeve, Oct 26, 2007.

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    im sure its well known how hard it is dealing with the tight lipped corporate propriatory wall kohler puts up between the people who own and make a living buying there products and the real service info..and to that point..im having trouble cracking the parts code..im not great at that kind of thing..anyway..im trying to find the pt #'s for a ch 265 series..[the command 26 hp efi] 32 pin ecu the one thats obd 2 compliant..and the # for the wire harness to go with it..i know that the spec # ect are located on the unit ect..but lets say i dont have that...and if you do that would help...[as long as yours has the mse 1.1 plastic cased ecu or just one with a 32 pin for the ch 26] the reason i ask is that the words retro-fit and owner repair are not in there vocabulary...so alittle help with that would be cool....I MEAN VERY COOL!....thanks

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