Kohler wiring help?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LazerZHP, Jun 23, 2006.

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    I have a 2000 lazerhp cv20s,I bought a replacement engine for it,not origanal.The new motor is a cv730s-0028 25hp. the old engine has a4 plug on harness spade plug in type. the new engine is round plug type with an extra blue and red wires going to extra socket,blue wire runs over to starter.I think the starters are a diff brand,Anyone have a clue about this. both have fuel shut off solonoids. also new engine came with yellow dipstick and oil cooler is it a command pro?I can give more details if someone wants to give this a shot , thanks in advance for any help here. LazerHP
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    The new engine is not listed in the pro parts look-up, This engine was built for a Sears garden tractor. The only advice I can give is trace each wire from each engine to each of the components and cut the plug off the end of the new engine. Use insulated spade connectors crimped on each wire then plug them into the proper place on your unit harness plug.
    Below is a wiring diagram that may help, But remember trace each wire so you don't post back saying I helped you smoke your harness or electrical components.

    Good Luck

    CV wire harness.JPG
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    Or, you can also get new molex connector ends to match up to what you have from a Kohler dealer. That way you have an actual connector should you ever need to unplug it and then want to plug it back in without having to remember how everything went.

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