Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vipermanz, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. southside

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    Looks like a motorbike on tracks!
  2. Guido

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    It took you long enough to tunnel back up to the right side of the world! ;)

    How've you been Karl??

    Drop me a line....
  3. eskals

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    That thing is tiny!:eek:

    I think Steve has a good point. As good labor gets harder to find and more expensive, machines that show up everyday to work will replace humans.

    I'm kinda new to this business and have just begun to realize the value of proper equipment. I used to be wary of renting the equipment I need for a job due to what I thought was needless expense. Not anymore. Equipment saves time and $$ (I am sure you guys know this, but I just fully realized it).

  4. Henry

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    Does that have a diesel engine or do you plug it in and drop a quarter in every 2 minutes?

    Actually a friend has a Yanmar B07. It's not much bigger but it does alot! Thinking of getting one myself.
  5. paul

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    The real problem is can it do all the work you need done with it or are you going to have to rent a bigger machine to lift stones or dig deep enough! We settled on a couple of 7000 lb machines they can lift enough and dig deeper, plus have the reach to load trucks. Smaller machines can't do that, now you need two machines to do the work that one can do. cost wise and production wise. As for getting into tight spots it can be done almost as well as the smaller machine but with it's longer reach most times you don't need to!
  6. vipermanz

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    i wonder what this one actually weighs? 1k??????

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