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Kow It Alls!!!!


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Sparta, NJ
Know it alls,

These are the people that we run into every day. Sometimes its customers, sometimes its suppliers, and sometimes its our PEERS:eek:. These are the people that have an answer to everything no matter how clueless and uneducated they might be on the subject. Unfortunatly we must live with these people in our daily lives.

You wouldnt expect it to come from our customers as much, these are the people that hire us to provide them with the uncanny knowlege about there own yards. Occationally yes we do get the know it all husband, shouldnt it be this way, comment. Or you better do it like this comment, but they still have to pay the bill at the end for the service and knowledge we provide.

Our suppliers are there to feed us information actually. Nurserys tell us yes or no to cut those perrenials. Stone yard guys givin us tips on how well this stone locks together vs that one, and Mulch yard guys we hope will give us a lil extra in that scoop.

One place we dont expect the know it all, but it comes from the most is our peers. Very often the most in experienced has the most information. The question is why? Are these only the guys that have been givin the silver spoon to purchase whatever equipment they need to run there business? Maybe its the guy that buys that all too expensive shiny new dump truck with the payment he cant afford and hes only a start up? Maybe its even closer then that. Maybe its all to many people right here on this very forum that give there opinion without thinking about how it will affect others. I know all to many people that depend on this forum as source of knowlegde when we are stuck in a bind, and thankfully there are the majority of people that make educated remarks based on experience and knowledge.

Then unfortuanly there is the know it all. These are usually the guys we see screaming back and forth about ford vs chevy vs dodge. These are the people that talk like they have been doing things forever yet are only 16, These are the people that make posts just to get a higger tally number of post under there name.

Well the reason for this post is not so much to complain but rather to make aware, that all to often we see these posts from people that are looking for helpful hints and ideas, or some sort of direction and rather they get idiotic remarks and critism. I dont know how to, or even if we can get rid of them, but it is important to be aware of them. These people can turn a very informative post into an arguement just by saying "Well my ford is bigger than yous". We have to ignore these people and hopefully weed them out from our conversations, and when they cant make those oh too high payments they will be selling that brandy new 2003 7x14 trailer Horton Hauler enclosed trailer and eventually will be no longer posting.

Well good luck to you all this upcoming year, and I hope all your posts are informative and KNOW IT ALL FREE;)


Norm Al

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tampa, florida
my dad can kick your moms butt!:)

good post chuck! way to much venom for a bunch of friends all trying to work their way to friday night so they can get drunk together,,, thats for sure!


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Use the "Ignor" feature mate. It works well.

I agree 100% with what your saying. It's becoming more and more of an issue too. When I first started coming to LS I didn't have to do nearly as much "sifting" throug the crap as I do now.
It's a shame but as you say, theres not alot you can do, apart from using good judgment on who and who dosn't get to be added to your Ignor list.

I don't like it............but it's the reality of things unfortunatly.


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Good post Since I might be one of the older guys on here I gotta question that I have not been able to figure out. Why does someone as for advise and then completly ignore it? I don't mind sharing what I know or learned the hard way to help out someone but I resent it when after I answer it turns into a big debate, want to argue about every little detail. If you ask a question you will get 30 dif. answer but I don't want this to sound pompous but why would someone rather believe someone with 1-2 yr exp. over someone with 10-15yrs? its get to the point that I don't want to help out it just starts arguments



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landscapingpoolguy, I agree with what your saying. Instead of being helpful, some people speak as if they have a clue what they're talking about. It's good to have some humor sometimes, but not ignorance.


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I was expecting a thread about "Mad Kow" disease... whoops before you know it some "Know it all" is going to preach about the spell check feature.:D