kown problems of '96 ford trucks.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TClawn, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. TClawn

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    I am looking at buying a '96 f150 xlt x-cab with an auto tranny.

    what are the known problems with these trucks? I mainly want to know about trannys going out and major problems with the frame and engine. but anything else you can think of will be appreaciated.
  2. lawnmaniac883

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    How many miles on the truck now? Dont expect much more than 130-150,000 miles out of any slush box.
  3. nobagger

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    Oh come on now,LOL I'm still running my 94 I put new fenders and bed sides on it but it's got 145000 and running strong.
    As far as know problems there are a couple either the speedometer's go bad or the vehicle speed sensor both causing the tranny not to know when to shift, it will either start bucking or act like it's slipping. And the bed sides go bad after awhile, other than that Iv'e replaced a few things here and there but nothing major.
  4. smullen

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    Myself, I would not buy any Ford Trucks except maybe the Ranger or Escape... Pretty much ever Explorer or Fullsize Ford I've seen has had a Transmission problem....

    I had a 88 F150 XLT, went through 3 Trannys and I never towed anything...

    My dad had a 96 F150 , went through 2 trannys,

    My buddy John, has a newer (not sure of year) F150, tranny is slipping bad and about to go....

    At my Primary job, we all have Ford Rangers, Escapes and Explorers if your somewhat important.... Ever one of the Explorers I've ridden in or heard about has a slip or a Clunk in the tranny...

    My Cousin Tanya bought an Explorer new like 3 years ago had it in the shop like 4 times for the tranny, they could never find issue.... Supprsingly enough, 3 weeks after the Warrenty expired it was back in the shop and they found the issue.... They wanted like 2800 to fix her tranny.... She traded it in on a Chevy and has been happy since....
  5. jt5019

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    i had 180,000 on my 90 ford f250 before i got rid of it. never changed the tranny but it was in the shop a lot near the end of it's days for stupid things :drinkup:
  6. PLM-1

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    A buddy has a 93 3/4 with a p%ssy 351. He's got 230k on it...original everything. Also has a late 80s 1 ton with well over 300k on the orig. 460. He has more trouble with rear springs than anything.
  7. xcopterdoc

    xcopterdoc LawnSite Senior Member
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    These were pretty solid trucks. There were some tranny issues early on. Some had multiple trannys installed. Due mostly to failure to installing in line filters, replacing the torque convertors and flushing the cooler. The crud from the tore up tranny went right into the new one and soon wiped it out too. I looked up recalls and tsb's and there really isnt much there other than the normal crap. No real solid issues to be worried about. If you are serious about buying it, have it taken to a 3rd party shop and have em look it over. Usually costs about .5 to 1 hr labor. Money well spent if yur serious about buying it. Could save major bucks down the road.
  8. aspen NJ

    aspen NJ LawnSite Member
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    I had a 94 my brother has a 96 f- 250 The manifolds cracked on both trucks . Mine twice. I was told this is common on the Fords.
  9. Smalltimer1

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    My old F-250 had a bad exhaust manifold gasket, the manifold itself was fine.

    As for the truck in question, being that it's a 150, depending on its condition, will determine what you should give for it. If it has been taken care of, it is entirely possible to see 200k+ out of the transmission.

    The only real issues with that body style was the rust over the rear wheelwells. Other than that, these trucks were pretty solid. Having owned an '84 F-150, a '95 F-250, and used a '90 F-250 on the farm, I'd say the only real other issues would be the EFI injectors going bad as the truck gets older, the injectors are really sensitive to trash in the line. The replacement injectors from Ford have a 1 year warranty on them.
  10. Dirty Water

    Dirty Water LawnSite Fanatic
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    Explorers and Rangers share the same transmission and drivetrain.

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