Kubota 2110 garden plus snowblower combo

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by brbhan, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Gentlemen: I am new to the site and already feel welcome, having browsed some very helpful and knowledgeable insights. I am a homeowner, located in the Albany, NY area,

    Looking into the future I would like to ease the snow-removal task by, possibly acquiring a garden/lawn tractor and snow-blower combination. Have considered trading up to Kubota 2110 diesel plus blower attachment. What befuddles me is the absence of photos of this combination; me thinks that, though comfortable in looks, this may not be popular.

    Currently I own a Troybilt, 16hp garden tractor used for mowing. The 13hp Craftsman snow-blower performs well. The blower has frills such as heated handles and motorized chute but must be wrestled to U-turn in the driveway – no ‘turning’ levers. Idea is to trade Troybilt and Craftsman for the Kubota,

    A side thought: The snow-blower has large, V-grooved tires that have never spun on ice, Kubota that I saw, has tires with a much less aggressive tread pattern that the sales person swore, was preferable to the V-groove.

    A still, small voice warns there is little alternative to dedicated tools such as owned presently.

    I really need an experienced opinion as to whether or not to go for the Kubota combo.

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    Will do.

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