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    I have a Kubota Grand L 3130 HST for sale for $20,000.00. It will come with the 723 Loader and the BH90 Backhoe. Along with these are the 6' box blade and a 8' rake. I believe that the tractor has about 500 hours on it and I just had it serviced. I will try to get a picture up in the next few days if there is interest. It is a great machine, I purchased a Ingersoll-Rand BL-570 this year and I need to sell this one. The larger machine works better for me on the landscape construction side but isn't as good as the tractor for the softer stuff such as planting, mulching, etc... , but I can't keep both so this one has to go.

    Just a few misc bits of data.....
    I believe that the backhoe has a 18" bucket and the loader also has the quick-attach. It has the hydrostatic transmission that most people like to see.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask, I try to check in at least once a day so I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have the machine out at the moment and as soon as I get it back I will get some pictures of it up here.

    Here are the specs for the Loader and the Backhoe. You can also go to Kubota.com and see more info on this machine.

    Tractor Application L3130, L3430, L3830
    Maximum Lift Height (Pivot Pin) 102.4" (2600 mm)
    Clearance with Attachment Dumped 80.3" (2040 mm)
    Reach at Maximum Height 20.9" (530 mm)
    Maximum Dump Angle 45 Degrees
    Reach with Attachment on Ground 68.9" (1750 mm)
    Maximum Rollback Angle 40 Degrees
    Digging Depth (when bucket is level) 4.9" (125 mm)
    Overall Height in Carry Position 54.5" (1385 mm)
    Lift Capacity (500 mm Forward) 1400 lbs (635 kg)
    Lift Capacity (Pivot Pin) 1870 lbs (848 kg)
    Lift Capacity (Bucket center) 1587 lbs (720 kg) kg)
    Square Bucket Width/Capacity (in (mm)/cu.ft.(m³)) 72 (1830)/10.8 (0.31)
    Breakout Force (500 mm forward) 2605 lbs (11575 N)
    Raising Time to Full Height (No Load) 3.3 Seconds
    Lowering Time w/out Load (Powerdown) 2.2 Seconds
    Attachment Rollback Time 2.1 Seconds
    Attachment Dumping Time 1.3 Seconds
    Rated Flow 8.3 gpm (31.5 liters/min)
    Relief Valve PSI 2560 psi

    Backhoe Specs

    Digging Depth 108.9" (2766 mm)
    Swing Arc 180°
    Loading Height 95.3" (2421 mm)
    Reach from Centerline of Swing Pivot 146.5" (3721 mm)
    Reach from Centerline of Rear Axle 188.6" (3721 mm)
    Transport Height 98.9" (2512 mm)
    Bucket Rotation 180°
    Transport Overhang from Centerline of Swing Pivot 54.6" (1387 mm) Undercut from Centerline of Swing Pivot 28.7" (729 mm)
    Hydraulic Stabilizer Spread, Down 98.5" (2502 mm)
    Hydraulic Stabilizer Spread, Up 60.2" (1529 mm)
    Digging Force Using Bucket Cylinder 3871 lbs (1756 kg)
    Digging Force Using Dipper Cylinder 2593 lbs (788 kg)
    Bucket Sizes 12", 16", 18", 24", 30"
    Specs Taken From L3430

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    Bumping it up
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    Bringing it to the top
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    Any Pics of the TLB
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    I will try to get some pictures up later today.

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    Still for sale
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    Still waiting for the pictures you said you would post 9 days ago!


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