Kubota 3130 Tractor/Loader/Backhoe

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    I am selling My tractor/Loader/Backhoe because I am upgrading to a Bobcat 435 Excavator. The tractor is less then 2 years old and and has just over 300 hrs on it. It is the Grand L3130 and has a 31hp 4x4 Hydrostatic drive system, The Front loader is the LA723 and the Backhoe is the BH90. I also have the rear tires filled for ballast. It will come with a rake and box blade as well. It is very easy to take the backhoe off and put the 3pt hitch on. It can be done in less then 10 min once you do it a couple of times.

    The Loader is very strong, with a load rated at around 1600lbs. I find that it all depends on where the load is on the bucket or forks, sometimes I can lift more. The backhoe on it is very strong also with a bucket breakout force of 4920lbs. I beleive that it comes with a 16" or 18" bucket. Another nice thing about this backhoe is that it is one of the largest on the compact tractors and has a digging depth of 9ft. Most are less then that.

    Just so you can look up all the specs for yourself and see what it looks like.


    I don't have any pictures now but I will try to get some soon. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    As many people know this is a very capable tractor and designed to last. Many people have Kubota and they last. You can't go wrong here, this is a great tractor/loader/backhoe. Some others on Lawnsite have this same tractor and can comment on the quality and strength that this tractor has.

    Price will Start at $23,000.00 with a little room to neg. I need it to move before spring. Thanks.

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