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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by JShe8918, Feb 25, 2008.

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    So i just got off the phone with my kubota dealer and he gave me a price of 12086 + tax for a 7800. It blew me away. I was expecting atleast 14500. Then another 3600 for the front end loader. What does everyone think of these tractors? The pros and cons. Also is it to big to put in peoples yards in your opinion? I need it to be able to go in and out of peoples yards but also need it to bush hog my 53 acres of pastureland. Do you think this fits the bill.
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    I don't think that price is really all that great, nearly $16K for the B7800 and loader. The B7800 is a great machine like all Kubotas, but it's old school. It doesn't have position control on the 3 point hitch like most machines, and ergonomics are not the greatest. Kubota has come out with a new B-series to replace the 7510/7610/7800 series, and they are probably trying to move the old ones. On your second question, yes they will fit in and out of tight places, but bushhogging 53 acres with a B7800 will take forever. That's like mowing 5 acres with a 21" push mower.:hammerhead:
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    then what is recommended???
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    If you honestly have to mow 53 acres on a regular basis, than you are looking at a 100+hp tractor with about 15 foot worth of batwing mowers or something like that. A B7800 can run a 5 foot brushhog, and mowing with that at 4 mph you can mow 2 acres an hour.

    For getting in and out of yards, maybe we need a little more info about what exactly it is you need to do. A tractor is sort of a "jack of all trades, master of none." An excavator will outperform a similar size tractor with a backhoe, and a skidsteer will outperform a similar size tractor with a loader, but if you work alone you can only run one machine at a time, and a tractor/loader/backhoe will do it all.
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    Sorry i was a little vague. I have recently started doing landscape installs and it has grown tremendously where i am spending about 700 dollars to rent a skid steer about every month. Enough to make a payment. I currently use an OLD OLD massey . Okay with that said all of the pasture is not grass about 1/4 is woods and i have a 13 acre pond/lake and the rest is grass so roughly 20 - 30 acres grass. Maybe i should say my mother owns i just do the dirty work lol.... I mow this about every 2 weeks because we fertilize it and we irrigate some of it. We board horses for big shots like Alan Browder and his two times worlds champion Cool Tall One. Thanks
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    I own a 2004 B7800 with FEL and 60" finish mower that I bought used. Even though I wasn't sure it would fit the bill, I couldn't pass up the price I got it for off ebay. All I can say it's one great little tractor.

    Light weight doesn't impact reasonably dry lawns
    Small size makes maneuvering tight areas a breeze
    Easy on fuel
    Easy to trailer
    Good PTO power for 60 - 72" mowers and brush hogs
    Very easy to maintain
    Mature proven design

    Basic 3-point hitch using turnbuckle (non-telescoping) - works okay though
    Seat and location of reverse pedal make 8 hours of loader work a long day... 80" of snow this season - unusual!

    FYI - Check the used market for a private party, why pay sales tax, for a low hour machine. A B7800 will pull a 10 - 12 foot gang mower no problem - they too are plentiful on the used market

    Hopes this helps.
  7. salopez

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    i think you can get a b3030 cab tractor for that price.

    however if you are renting a ss that might be the way to go.
  8. Lawnworks

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  9. hosejockey2002

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    Hey Jshe, you might want to check out that L2800. It's actually around the same HP as the B7800 and IIRC the L series have some features that the B7800 does not. With only 41 hours on the clock that rig is virtually new. If I were still in the market and was close by I'd definitely check it out.
  10. JShe8918

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    My plans have changed a little and i am now thinking more along the lines of Purchasing my uncles tractor and taking over the contracts that he has... He has a contract with the biggest mill around and also a few here and there contracts... But that would still leave me having to sooner or later get either a skid or a small tractor... He has a 2005 John Deere 9? something horse with a loader, deluxe cab, gang mower, bush hog, pallet forks, and bale spear. And he told me he would sell it to me for 20,000 and it only has 300 and some odd hours on it.

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