Kubota and John Deere Decks and Cuts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kubotafan, May 30, 2011.

  1. tuffram

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    Not that much difference in cut quality in my opinion. The Kubota is overall better made machine heaver material thicker frame hydro lift deck shaft driven buy whichever one you can get the best price on you will not be disappointed with either of them.
  2. 205mx

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    I 100% agree with the above poster.
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  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    Not to knock you but holy mother of god could you go much slower? In the time you made two circles around the front I would have been done cutting and already trimming. ;)
  4. kubotafan

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    Is that with a Kubota? :laugh:
  5. kubotafan

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    How well do cuts compare when cutting back and forth. One pass will blow the grass on uncut lawn and the next pass will have to cut where the grass was blown. Does this affect the cut quality? How well do the clippings spread?
  6. kubotafan

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    Comparing weights there doesn't look to be much difference between the Kubota's and the John Deere's. They must be comparably built.
  7. weeze

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    yeah it had been 3 weeks since i cut the yard in the video and it was pretty thick...hard to tell on the video...but centipede grass is a really thick grass....plus i wasn't in a big hurry since that was the only yard i had to cut that day lol.

    i generally don't go that fast on smaller yards like that one...i only go fast on the bigger wide open yards....i don't like to be rushed or be in a hurry...i take my time and do a good job and work at my own pace...that's why i got into lawn care so i could work how i wanted to work and be on my own time schedule.
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  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    Ok I gotcha. We don't cut that type of grass here. All of our grass is fescue. Does that lawn have much of a backyard? If the back is about the same size as the front that is a $20 to $25 lawn in our area.

    I have to knock them out in volume to make any money with the low prices around here. I showed up in a neighborhood this morning at 7am that we have 8 lawns on one block. I was pulling away at 9:15. That is about 17 minutes each to cut, trim and blow off and that included stopping to talk for a minute to 2 customers wanting to know how my dad was doing. Went 3 blocks over and did one then 2 blocks and did 1 then 10 minutes up the street and did 2 then 5 minutes away another 2 then another 2 minutes and did 1 and was burning up by then so I headed home at 12 and had 15 done. Heat index today of 105. :cry:
  9. LawnCareNoobie

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    7 Iron Deck does a very good job at spreading the clippings. That's another thing that's a plus with the deck. I'm not sure about the Kubota deck, but the 7 Iron has a pretty wide discharge opening and even with the chute flap down it spreads well. In most cases I find that it does a better job with dispersal of clippings with it down than up.

    As far as diesel goes, I can't understand why Deere doesn't add a smaller diesel option in their lineup. They have one which is the 997 with the 31 hp Yanmar (beast). They have smaller Yanmars in their machines, they need to add it to a z-track.
  10. grassman177

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    i like how they say the 7 iron is totally stamped , but it has front baffles which create corners and are not stamped. i mean, only a nit picking little thing i find funny. it does however help with buildup and flow no doubt for the stamped parts of the cutting chamber

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