Kubota and John Deere Decks and Cuts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kubotafan, May 30, 2011.

  1. mowerbrad

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    When the blades are at the front of the deck, they should be at the cutting height on your dial. When the blades are at the back of the deck, they should be 1/4" higher than the front.

    So the front should be lower than the rear.
  2. Ridin' Green

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    I just posted this link in another thread for a guy wanting to know how to pitch his Deere deck properly. Go to this link, then scroll down the menu on the left and click on "Adjusting the mower deck-all models"

    Like I posted in another thread today, and the guy above said as well, make sure the area that you check this deck for level on, is dead flat. Whether it is on a slight angle (as on a sloped driveway made of cement) doesn't make too much difference, but whether the area is flat does ( I lay a 6' level out across the area in several different directions and look for obvious dips or humps that can be between where the tires will sit and under the deck, and can affect the measurements taken) If there are "birdbaths" or "knolls" in the cement or whatever you check the deck on, you can get false reading from your deck gauge or tape measure. I highly recommend the Deere deck gauge. They're cheap to buy, and I have been using the same one for many years now. They make checking pitch a snap.

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  3. jslawncare22

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    ok i ajusted the deck and it still is not striping i give up
  4. mrmower

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    i agree i like my kawi engine in my 925 but would like to try one with a diesel. i think it would be great on fuel. how are the 997s on fuel?
  5. tuffram

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    What height are you trying to cut the grass?? Should be between 3 to 4 to stripe I think?
  6. LawnCareNoobie

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    I believe I've read it being less than a gallon an hour. Pretty good.
  7. LawnCareNoobie

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    Depends on cutting height and the grass too. Too short with a lot of weeds isn't going to stripe as nice as a higher cut and nice green grass.

    My JD's stripe just fine, regular high lift JD blades is all I use.

    This was with a 757 here.

  8. mrmower

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    wow thatd be alright
  9. heather lawn sp

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    2 2005 997's 60" & 72" both over 2500 hours
    In 4 hours of engine time a day they will use 3 gallons

    We just turned in our 2008 757 for a ZD 221. It burns about 80% of the fuel at about 80% of the cost per gallon (marked diesel), saves about $40 a week, and it cuts faster to boot
  10. kubotafan

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    How do you find cut quality of the ZD221 to the Deere? Is it a 48" or 54" deck? I am thinking about one to replace my G1800 and also looking at an Exmark. I do like the Kubota Diesel.

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