Kubota and John Deere Decks and Cuts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kubotafan, May 30, 2011.

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    Only had it a week. The operator says it's doing fine. We do mostly rough mowing (school yards) so the quality is not as critical as the speed, toughness and economy of the operation for us. The operator says it holds hills better than the 757 did.

    We have a GF 1800 with the 18 hp Kubota in it and a Bobcat 463 skidsteer with a 22.5 hp Kubota in it, so this is our 3rd Kubota engine
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    Kubota makes one of the best diesel engines you can buy. I guess this is why just about every other mower manufacture either offers a Kubota diesel or has had one available at one time.
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    i know this is alittle off topic but what diesel does scag use? and its been awhile since ive seem one but did i see a turbo on one?
  4. tuffram

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    Kubota and Cat diesel and dual fuel Kubota engine options are available from scag.
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    My scag dealer told me that CAT will not certify his mechanics to work on the engines in the scags. If a repair was necessary the machine would have to be taken to a CAT dealer.
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    I have the same JD 920. Really like it. Only issue is the bumpy ride at times. i have learned to wear a seat belt. Do you have a suspension seat on yours?

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