Kubota B 2150

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by MWS LAWN, Aug 4, 2002.


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    Does anyone know the horsepower of a 1997 B 2150 4wd tractor. Secondly has anyone had any time on one and what is your thought of it. Thanks
  2. 65hoss

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    Check your email.
  3. sprucehavenfarm

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    I had a B2150 for several years. It was a very good tractor. 24 horse. Can't remember what PTO horse was but I want to say 20. I had the HST. Very well built.

    Seat left a little to be desired after long mowing days. My B2910 and L3010 were much more comfortable for the long haul.

    Do you have specific questions? I will try to answer. I had a front loader, mid-mower, rear mower and bush hog for it.
  4. Planter

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    They are a nice little tractor. 24 horses at the engine and 17 or 18 at the PTO. You lose a lot through that hydrostat transmission. They will do a great job on small lots and will do fine on bigger stuff, they just take longer to do the big stuff.

    My neighbor has a skid steer, and he had more lift and is a lot faster, but on grading my B2710 does a better job with less hand raking due to the longer wheelbase. If you get it you'll like it as long as you understand it's limitations.

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