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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Moose's Mowing, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Oh, the endless joys of Kubota products.....I posted this on Plowsite too but thought I might get more hits over here.

    I have a B3030. The 4x4 doesn't work. When shifting, I can feel the gears shift in to each other. So I'm assuming the problem is after the transmission. Maybe a busted driveshaft, broken gear etc in the front end? I looked at an assembly diagram for the 4x4 system. It's over my head, lot of parts in there. Anyone know these tractors well enough to point me in the right direction?

    This tractor has been a POS since day one. Bought it used from some Amish guy.....NEVER trust the Amish. To add insult to injury, guy I bought it from filled the rear tires with WATER. That's all well and good in warm climates. Tires are frozen solid, literally. The thing has zero traction. I got it stuck in the grass today. Yes, stuck in the grass, not snow, not mud, but grass. Anyone wanna buy a piece of crap Kubota? Some key features: Underpowered, crappy hydro trans, weak ass loader, crappy 4x4, hard to start, slow, pathetic 3 point lift ability. Comfy seat though.
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    This is the machine you were running the wrong hydro oli in correct? Sorry to see you have run intro all these problems. The lack of responce to your post is due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of kubota owners love the product! I own two kubotas & owned a B3030 hsdc for a couple of years, its not the $hitbox you make it out to be at all! Water in the tires, wrong oil in the hydrostat, whats in the block windex?
  3. Moose's Mowing

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    lol, who knows!!! I bought this to replace my old Kioti. That cheap Kioti could outwork this Kubota all day long. I bought the Kubota because of of the overwhelming good reviews and the Kubotas are supposed to be the best of the best. I'm really disappointed with this thing. I'm looking at trading it on a Bobcat CT230. Very similar machines. The worst part of the Kubota is how weak the loader is. 740 lbs at full height on the Kubota vs 1200 something on the Bobcat. I realize this is full height capacity, but the Kubota struggles to get my concrete conterweight in my truck bed and it's 700 lbs. Oh well, Guess I'll wait to hear back from this dealer about the trade and if that falls through it's going back to in the shop. Shitbox is a nice word for how I feel about this tractor.
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    thanks for the feedback..i am currently looking at getting the kubota 3000cabbed model and all info is good to me, especially from an owner..
  5. Moose's Mowing

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    I sold my 3030 and got a new holland. I bought a 2000 NH TC33da. LOVE THIS tractor. Bigger, more stable, more power, LOTS more power in the loader. Way more solid than that rattlecan Kubota was. I'll never own anything Kubota again. Total pile of junk!!! I'd be very very careful if you're still looking at the 3030. The cab option is nice, but it's not a very capable machine. If all you want to do is mow your lawn, it'll be fine. But if you plan on any loader work whatsoever, skip the B series. If you're def sold on the Kubota, look at their L series. B's are too small. My neighbor has an L series with cab. He raves about it. He dosn't really use it for anything though. It's more of a toy for him. But it does seem nice. I've never operated it though so I can't compare it to the B. FWIW, for the same $, there's much better machines out there than the 3030. If this doesn't sway you, at least demo the tractor for several days to make certain it'll do everything you need it to. The more I used mine, the more I hated it.
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    I have a 3030 it has 2300hrs not a minutes problems but mine is a LX shuttle shift. I have a loader that is really to big but I have unloaded pallets of sod and 5x6 rolls of hay no problem. But New Holland makes a good machine as well. After using a compact Case for a week demo that will be the next one on my place.

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