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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Pecker, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Pecker

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    Hi what's up!
    I found an old Kubota B6000 4x4. Runs good but needs rings (and no telling what else). Guy says it has a finish mower on it. I looked on Kubota's website and it is a 2 cylinder 12.5 hp deisel, mid 1970's or so. I haven't seen it so I don't know how rough it is.

    I'd want to use it for tilling and for a loader.

    What is this thing worth?

    I'd want to put a loader on it. Would this thing handle a loader?
    Also, I read somewhere that the B6000 pto goes in reverse and you can't use a regular implement on it. . .is this true?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. hosejockey2002

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    The B6000 is a teeny little thing. If it needs rings but still runs it's maybe worth a couple thousand or so. Not sure about the PTO, I have heard that it has the Category 0 PTO which is 2000 RPM and reverse direction. If that were the case I wouldn't touch it because you won't be able to find PTO implements that will work with it. As far as the loader, if you could find one to fit it you will be really limited as far as what it can do. I have a 17 hp Yanmar with a loader and I have done a lot of work with it, but it's loader is limited to around 400 pounds. I guess it depends on what you want to do with the B6000. For puttering around the house or farm, it would probably work out OK. For using on jobs, it's probably too small to be worth messing with.
  3. Pecker

    Pecker LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks for the reply. Chassis-wise it was the size I'm looking for but I's really like something with at least 19 hp, preferrably with a loader. I decided to let it go. I couldn't find ANY serial number on the unit so I don't know where its been and I sure don't want a grey market unit.
  4. jeclif

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    I have a 6200e three cyl. what can you tell me about them
  5. dnodolf

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    the b6000 pto does run in reverse, but it does run at 540 rpm they did make a loader for it, but good luck finding one. it is only 12.5 hp and they work ok with the original equipment. you can find an adapter to convert the pto to the standard 1 3/8 size but that doesn't solve the reverse rotation. Good luck.
  6. benjidexter

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    Here's the deal with this tractor. I owned one and worked on one a lot so this is correct information.
    Tractor is an absolute workhorse for it's size. Don't be concerned about the horsepower, it means nothing. This tractor has tremendous torque for it's size. I had a loader on mine and could do work that would have killed some larger machines. Built like a tank. I dug up reinforced concrete around an in ground pool I was filling in and pried out fence posts, etc. Never hurt the tractor, although I did have a welder reinforce the cutting edge of the bucket to keep it straight. My loader ran off an auxiliary hydraulic pump mounted to the front of the engine and belt driven. It was also possible to run off the tractor's own hydraulic system but I've been told the performance of the loader was better with the auxiliary pump.
    The rear PTO is reverse direction and the wrong shaft/splines to run modern equipment. PTO speed is 540 and, as best I can remember 2 faster speeds like 1200 and 2200 or so. The woods RM59 mower was built to work on this and similar machines. Actually not a bad mower if you add the front swivel wheels. I used to mow some well cared for fields and would run the tractor for hours without a problem.
    The PTO reverser was available (still was as of 5 years ago, or so at a cost of around $600, I believe) that corrects direction and also converts to standard shaft and splines.
    Front axle is probably the weakest point. I had to replace the front assembly when I got mine because someone broke the gears and took the guts out. Got complete axle from Wengers.com for around $500 or so and in 30 minutes I had 4wd back.
    As of 5 years or so ago, most parts were still available from Kubota, although they are quite expensive.
    Don't let the size fool you. compared to the new BX tractor, this old one will work circles around it and be easier to fix if you do break something.
  7. dirkdoggler

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    I'm with benjidexter on this- I've just recently been asked to help sell one and I agreed. It took a few basic skills to start it (sitting 2yr) and I am BLOWN-AWAY at the capacity of this little machine!- Small horses but 'geared' for work-
    The fr loader has TONS of power w/ factory pump and coupled w/ weight pkg on the 3-pt hitch it is impressive!- Having run a variety of micro-excavators, Bobcats, loaders and other big stuff - I'm not easily impressed...
    The reverse PTO is kind of a 'sticking point' but well worth it if you can provide for that! (The machine comes w/ a 3-sp output shaft) I've read that the manufactures stopped producing the kit 3-5 yr ago- Kind of a 'no-brainer' to reverse this if you had the means or talents

    Did I mention that I know of one FOR SALE...lol I told the lady that we'll start @ $3000CDN and see what happens...

    C/W fr loader, tiller, weights, plough/disk and 3-pt att. plate (for blade??) For more info and pics- verheyd@sympatico.ca

    I honestly hope that I come up with the funds before you clowns!.. :)


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