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Kubota B6100 compact tractor for sale in Nebraska

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by myyaz33, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. myyaz33

    myyaz33 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 67

    Hopefully its acceptable to post this here. I am upgrading my tractor and am selling the old one with alot of attachments on EBay. It ends in 2 days. Handy little thing for landscaping and is rock solid.

    B-6100D - This is a gear model and is not a Hydrostat. I prefer this as you can work on it yourself if need be.

    412 hours
    3cyl Diesel 14hp
    3 PTO speeds (540,800,1000)
    Hi-Low 6 forward / 2 reverse
    Category-1 3-point with 500lb limit
    Differential lock
    No power steering (just rebuilt steering assembly)
    Newer R4 Tires on rear
    Turf tires on front that will need replaced. One tire leaks and needs air after a few days.
    New ROPS installed
    LED Lights on ROPS (not as good as halogens but work)

    Kubota 4' Finish mower with PTO Shaft
    Kubota B219 Loader (500lb limit)
    Kubota 4' Rear Blade
    Kubota 4' Front Mount Snowthrower
    Kubota 4' Front Blade
    4' adjustable spike harrow / drag
    4' Disc (heavy duty homemade, see picture)
    3pt carry all (homemade, handy for ballast weight and carrying heavy items)


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