Kubota BX-24 reliability?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by LarryF, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Both the BH and FEL are removable and are relatively easy to remove. I rarely take the FEL off while the BH and snowblower change every summer/winter. Front to back measurement, that depends how you want to measure. Some get by with a 12 ft trailer with the FEL hanging over the front or the BH out the back. If you were trying to put it in a garage it would need to be close to 15 ft to be able to close the garage door. It’s funny because with the FEL and BH off, it is marginally bigger than one of the larger Craftsman tractors you see at Sears, but it alone weighs over 1600 lbs.

    Your trailer wouldn’t work, not so much because it is 10 ft, but for the weight. Don’t know what yours is rated at but as a single axle, I doubt it will do. The BX25 with BH and FEL attached are about 3300 lbs. If the MM Mower is on, that’s about another 220lbs
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    Thanks for the response FMC1959 and wrooster for yours too, as well as the videos showing how the FEL and backhoe come off and on. That clarifies a lot, and even though the overall length is more than I would like it to be, the fact that those items can be removed means I wouldn't have too much of a problem bring it in out of the weather when not in use. I've seen photos of a lot of TLBs that look pretty ratty because I presume they are left outside all year long. I certainly wouldn't want to do that. Removing them also means I might be able to transport the tractor and loader or backhoe to a friend's house separately using my single axle trailer. As far as the MMM is concerned, I won't be needing that since I already have an Exmark ZTR.

    Another question is about the BX25 horsepower. One set of specs that I saw indicated it's 23 HP, but I had also read somewhere that the 25 figure in BX25 pertained to HP. Was that latter info incorrect, or is the engine size an option?

    In case you didn't see it, wrooster, I sent you a message.
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    Got it.

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    If you follow this link, you can see all the specs for the BX Series, including the 25

    It is 23 HP and from what I know the BX24 is pretty much the same spec wise as the 25.

    I was a bit off on the weight I gave you, I remember seeing about 3300 lbs when setup as a TLB, but on the specs they have the tractor at 1542, the BH at 617 and from what I recall the FEL is about 100 less than the BH, say about 500. So your looking at about 2700 lbs, still more than many single axles are rated for.
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    Thanks for the spec sheet and everything else you provided to me. I saved that data on my PC. I agree with you that my single axle trailer couldn't handle that much load, so if I do get a BX25, I'll probably be in the market for a bigger trailer.
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    Like I mentioned, the bx24 is almost the same as the bx25, but to be sure you can probably dig up some specs on the net for the bx24 or ask a dealer. The BH is mounted on the tractor, not with the 3 pt hitch, which I think makes it very solid. I could be wrong but in its class it is the only one that is connected this way. To remove it and the FEL is very easy, maybe 60 seconds is a stretch but still pretty quick.
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    Just about every compact BH can be 3 point or subframe mounted, with the vast majority being subframe mounted. Subframe is the only way to go IMO.
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    maybe compacts but the BX is subcompact. When I was shopping them, I saw the JD 2305 and the Massey 2610, from what I recall they were mounted with the 3 pt hitch. When I asked, I was told that the BX was about the only frame mounted BH in the subcompacts. I don't know this as a fact but from what I remember on the JD & Massey, and what I was told on another forum
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    I'm getting closer to a decision and would appreciate some feedback from you who have been helping me. The best prices I've found are these: for a new 2012 BX25 it's $16450 (list, I've been told is $19,515) and a 2010 BX25 with 100 hours it's $13,900. I'm leaning toward the 2010. It looks very clean to me and I doubt if I'll find one for less money. Your opinions would be welcomed.
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    I can’t help you much with this one. First, I am in Canada where everything is a bit more. Second, I haven’t kept up with pricing after buying mine 3 ½ years ago, and really have no idea about the used market.

    Advice I can give you is try this site…


    Very tractor dedicated so you will get a lot of feedback.

    Also, dealers can vary quite a bit, some won’t give you a penny of their list, others will deal some, and from what I saw it is a regional thing. I have read some guys going over a state or two because they can get a great deal from a dealer, and possibly save if they have lower sales tax. My local guy has a very busy business, lots of commercial accounts, he was nice but really had little time for me. I found a dealer 45 minutes from my home in the other direction and he gave me $800 less than the local guy. He was also more willing for service and other stuff that my local guy was too busy for.

    If where you are looking your dealer doesn’t want to deal much on price, see about extras, for instance…I ordered mine with the industrial R tires, they are bar type like the AG’s but won’t rip grass as bad, but still good traction. My dealer gave me a deal for an extra set of 4 turf tires and rims for $300. Just the tires alone would be over $300, so getting them with the rims was good for me as I wanted the extra set. You can ask for any other items you may be considering and he might give you a better deal than just a price of the tractor by itself.

    Good luck with your purchase, I am sure you will love whatever you get.

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