Kubota BX-24 reliability?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by LarryF, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Well, all I wanted was for someone with more experience in this field than I have to indicate that the prices I got are as low as I can expect to find. The comment about trying to make the purchase out of my own state is well taken and, in fact, what I quoted were from such a place, thanks to wrooster who provided me with the contact in a private message. For comparison, the in-state quotes for a new BX25 were $17,000, $17,190 and 17, 900; whereas, the out-of-state one was, as I reported before, $16,450, including delivery. Not a real big difference, really, and there's something to be said in favor of buying close to home when spending this much. But on the other hand, buying one that is a couple of years older with only 100 hours could save me about $2,500. I'm generally a bit leery of getting used equipment, especially machinery I'm not familiar with, but that seems like a substantial amount.

    If others reading this have comments, I still want to hear them.
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    A 100 hours is nothing for these machines but it would be good to have it checked out carefully just the same.
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    ^^^ This. :)

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    That is one badass piece of property. I'd be proud to call that place home.

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