Kubota CUT vs. ZTR

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by The Billman, Sep 13, 2004.

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    I currently mow with a Kubota b7500 and a 60" rear finish mower. I mow 6-7 acres every week. I'm very interested in your products if it would save me time. Can you give me some kind of idea of the time savings with one of your ZTR's and some details. Model , msrp and the like,

  2. The Billman

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    Sorry for the double post! I am new to the forum and didn't see the post right away. I'll just keep telling myself, Patience Grasshopper !
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    The average operator will probably cut between 3 and 4 acres per hour with a 60" Z and can cut as much as 6 acres per hour if the terrain is smooth and there aren't too may obstacles to mow around.

    The MSRP on 60" units will range between $7199 for the Lazer AS and about $12,500 for the Lazer XP diesel.



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