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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tiggermanh, Jul 24, 2006.

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    My old Grasshopper 721d had more power than my new 722d. My new unit has 70 hours on it now and i would like to turn the injection pump up.

    What I dont know is how much of a turn on the screw I can go. I am sure the pump on the 721 was turned up as I purchased it from a commercial firm and like I said, it has way more power. (The 721 is rated at 21 hp and the 722 is at 22)

    I had two dealers to chose from when I purchased my 722. THe one dealer, a smaller one who sold out of his farm barn said he could turn the pump up and get more HP out of it. He also wanted about $1900 more for the unit than the dealer I got it at.

    The Deere dealer though, doesnt seem to know or want to do it.

    It is a 3 cylinder Kubota engine.

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    Just a friendly warning,

    You should be aware that adjusting the fuel screw will void the engine warranty from Kubota. Over fueling an engine will wash down the cylinder walls which will in turn cause a loss of compression and the power will actually get worse.

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