Kubota F2400?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeklein, Jun 16, 2002.

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    My neighbor up the street has a kubota F2400 4WD 72"deck sitting out for sale,no price on it,went over and looked at it last night,but he was not home.I know that he was only cutting local power company sub stations as of last year.This thing would be great on some of my yards and on my own 2 acre lot.I dont know much about kubotas and their used value.Any idea what would be a good price,so I know what Im doing before talking to him?The mower looks to be in pretty good condition.If I get it I will have to get a new trailer though,only using a single axle 6x10 now! Thanks for any help.
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    Hey Mike,
    I used to own that same mower except with a 60" deck. Depending what year it is, would make a difference what is worth. I bought mine in I think 1994 and paid about $ 15,000. It was a great mower at the time. It would cut any hill, was very dependable, never had a break down in 3 years with it. The cut was pretty good. Now the cons, with the evolution of the Exmark Lazer I would never go back to anything else. Lazer is faster, more comfortable, more manuverable, and gives a much better cut. And for $ 7000.00 you are getting a brand new machine. Also after say 2000 hours I think you are going to start having some problems with that Kubota. But, if you can get a good price on it, it is a very good machine compared to most **** out there. That machine is also excellent for plowing snow. I had to plow a entire church parking lot on time cause my truck broke down, and it was awesome. Sorry about rambling!

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